The 4 Best Gym Machines For Quick Weight Loss

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Rowing Machines

Rowing machines have made a comeback, thanks in part to Indo-Row, which offers group classes and features on its machines that help you get the most out of this cardio program.

“The extremely smooth action, comfortable seat and ergonomically designed handle allow you to challenge yourself both with intensity and duration. This is a perfect recipe for calorie burn.”, says Josh Crosby, a trainer and creator of Indo-Row in Los Angeles.

If you think rowing only works the arms and back, think again. “The Indo-Row machine utilizes more than 80 percent of your muscle mass, taking the body through a dynamic range of motion,” says Crosby. “By spreading the workload over the entire body, you’re able to work at a higher intensity or go longer.” Either way, you’ve just added more calorie burn to your workout.

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