Eat chilli to boost weight loss (plus 3 other reasons to include more spice in your diet)

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3. Some experts think it can help you lose weight

Hands up who sweats profusely when they tuck into a spicy meal? Chilli is a thermogenic food, meaning it causes the body to burn off energy when we eat it. The heart rate increases, blood rushes to the skin (hence you look red-faced) and you sweat as capsaicin tweaks the body’s internal thermostat to make you feel warmer.

“Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chilies, might give a short mental boost and there is some evidence it can improve athletic performance, particularly in endurance sports. It encourages the body to break down fat supplies and research shows that regular consumption of chilli will burn off an average of 50 calories a day. By triggering the pain pathways in the stomach and intestines, chillies make us feel fuller sooner and suppress the appetite. For these reasons, many nutrition experts think that chillies can help in efforts to lose weight.”

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