Eat chilli to boost weight loss (plus 3 other reasons to include more spice in your diet)

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2. Chilli might ward off certain diseases

Everyone’s talking about turmeric right now, but let’s not forget chilli’s health benefits. Dr Farrimond explains that research repeatedly shows that people who regularly eat spicy food are less likely to suffer life-threatening illnesses. In particular, chilli-eaters appear to be at a slightly lower risk of heart attack and angina, respiratory diseases and cancer. There’s some evidence that fresh chillies could offer some protection from diabetes too.

“However, like many things in nutritional science we can’t yet be certain just how beneficial chillies are – but it is a pretty safe bet that they boost well-being: they are packed with nutrients (such as vitamins C, A, K, B6, and potassium) and ‘cancer-fighting’ antioxidants. A growing body of research also suggests that the fiery capsaicin molecule might specifically help keep blood sugar levels controlled and combat cancer.”

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