7 Nutrients (Besides Fiber and Protein!) That Can Help You Lose Weight

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7. Magnesium

This nutrient impacts your ability to drop pounds in two ways: First, magnesium keeps your digestion right on schedule (i.e., prevents bloating). Plus, it enables you to build muscle, says Cording. And since muscle burns fat even when you’re not actually exercising, the more magnesium you have, the better, she says. Try to aim for 320 to 450 milligrams of magnesium per day, which is roughly the amount in two to three cups of cooked spinach. Not sure if you’re hitting that mark? One weird sign that you’re not getting enough is a sudden chocolate craving, says Cording. “A lot of my female clients experience chocolate cravings around their periods, when magnesium levels can take a dip,” she says. Luckily, dark chocolate happens to be a great source of the nutrient, so go ahead and indulge! If you’re worried that one square could turn into a whole bar, nibble on a banana or dark, leafy greens, which also contain magnesium.

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