7 Nutrients (Besides Fiber and Protein!) That Can Help You Lose Weight

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3. Calcium

Good news for all you dairy lovers: New research suggests consuming the recommended amount calcium each day could help you lose weight or maintain your goal weight, says Cording. Researchers think that calcium helps cells fulfill their maximum potential, which means your muscles can work harder at the gym, your body can digest food and allocate the nutrients more efficiently, and your metabolism can perform at it’s best. To meet that suggested daily amount of 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams, yogurt is your best bet, she says. “Yogurt is one of my favorite calcium sources because the probiotic bacteria keep your digestion running smoothly, which results in less bloating, says Cording. Score! If you’re not a dairy fan, you can also get the nutrient from tofu, salmon, white beans, and kale. (Seriously, kale is such a nutrient hog!)

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