5 Fast Bodyweight Workouts For Weight Loss

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NO TIME? NO problem. These fast-paced bodyweight workouts will torch tons of calories and fat—and build muscle—in no time (and with no machines or weights.) The key to making body weight training effective for weight loss? Focusing on compound movements, rather than ones that isolate one muscle at a time.

“All these movements are compound movements challenging your total body and can help you torch fat,” says personal trainer Nick Rodocoy who created them. Compound moves work multiple large muscle groups simultaneously—and the more muscles involved, the more work that gets done and the more calories you burn.

Outside of sheer convenience, there are other reasons to add this type of training in to your routine: “Bodyweight workouts are great if you want to give your body a rest from heavy lifting or just to switch your program up,” says Rodocoy. While great for bulking up quickly, heavy lifting isn’t exactly gentle on your muscles and joints. So, a little low impact work—that still gets you serious results—can ensure you stay injury-free and healthy.

“The whole program is a five day split and it’s meant to be increased in some capacity every week whether you are looking to beat a time or beat the rep count,” says Rodocoy. But, you can also just do them individually as one-off workouts whenever you have the time.

Workout 1

How: Do one move after the next without rest. Record your time. Repeat 3-4x. Try to beat your collective time every week.

1) Bodyweight Squat x15
2) Jump Squats x15
3) Reverse Lunges X10
4) Sumo Lunges x10

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